Anyone watch +1?

No but now I must. Phone Post

I'm watching it now and it's kinda captivating.

Can't really explain why. Phone Post 3.0

Just got done watching. It exceeded my expectations.


To be honest, I REAlLY like this movie.

It's popular on all the trackers I use. But IMDB surprised me with not many ratings so far. Hope to look past that and find a good film. Phone Post

Looks interesting. It's out?

What's it about? Phone Post

Yes it's out.


Don't wanna post any spoilers by going beyond the trailer.

No good? Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I watched the trailer, almost looks like a party version of Primer or some shit. But I watched Primer a looonnnngggg as time ago

B17 -
Jack Carter - No good? Phone Post 3.0

It just never got going. You never knew what was really going on either. Had potential but it was executed horribly. Phone Post

You watched the whole thing? Phone Post 3.0

I'll admit it was a bit hard to follow because there's so much to factor in, but I enjoyed that.

Maybe I'll be in the minority by really liking this film. Phone Post 3.0