Anyone watch Honest Video Game Trailers?

This is the most recent one from their youtube channel. Counterstrike.

They cover new and old popular games and the trailers are hilarious. Same people who make the Honest Trailer videos about popular movies and tv shows.

The Dark Souls one killed me.

/\ Me too lol. That one was awesome. Phone Post 3.0

In vu Phone Post 3.0

Minecraft is another favorite.

Skyrim, one of my all time favorite games.  This one was brilliant.

Later Phone Post 3.0

Bloodborne.  I have this one to.  Haven't played it much but that's only because I want to focus on it when I get into it. 


I have way too many games.

Here's Bioshock.


I have all of these games but don't really play them, my girl likes them. 

Clash of Clans.  Never played this one.


Love these.

My favorite has always been Mass Effects.

Here's Final Fantasy 7.

Meohfumado - VU

Love these.

My favorite has always been Mass Effects.

I know it's a travesty but over a year ago I bought the whole Mass Effect trilogy for about 20 bucks on my Xbox 360.


I've put maybe 3-4 hours total into it.  It's a great game I just have yet to commit myself to pushing through the whole trilogy.

World of Warcraft.  Never could get into this game but this video killed me.