Anyone watch the Macho Man Doc Yet?

I watched the preview and was more interested than I initially thought id be. Phone Post 3.0

Is it out yet? Phone Post 3.0

Not out yet.....far as I know Phone Post 3.0

Link? Phone Post 3.0

Did you buy it or "shiver me timber" it? Phone Post 3.0

Great doc, sad story. I was a huge macho fan growing up.

The preview on the network was amazing Phone Post 3.0

Watching the full set now.

1 done, starting 2.

Awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Oooooh yeaaaah

I just wanted to use that line. I have not watched the doc Phone Post 3.0

I'm not gonna lie. When I watch these docs and I see the guys that used to hate and talk shit on the wrestler in question, I get dusty.

Hogan, HHH, and Vince when they talked about the Warrior.

Then Hogan on Savage.

It seems that when these guys finally make the full circle to positive living their time is done. Phone Post 3.0

Wasn't there a rumor a while ago that this doc was going to address the Macho and Steph rumors? Phone Post 3.0

Watched it last night with a bottle of Champagne :) loved it. Miss Elizabeth was so hot. Savage has always been my fave wrestler so knew I was going to love this. Only thing I'd like to it have had is some of feud and elbow drop highlights. I know it comes with the matches and I have his previous release but would have been good to show a bunch of his elbow smashes and smack talk. Phone Post 3.0

I hated seeing Luger in it - he looks so wrong now too! But I just hate that fucker even more because Liz died with him. Phone Post 3.0

The Stephanie rumor wasn't addressed - they alluded to something happening though with HHH, McMahon beef with Savage. Phone Post 3.0

Made me sad. Phone Post 3.0