Anyone watch the UFC PPV trailer?

Trolling around online whenI should be studying for my exams this evening, I clicked upon the UFC website and allowed myself to get hyped and distracted for this weekends PPV.


When the trailer cuts to Dana White, and him referring to Sean Sherk. The sound cuts out when in reference to anything to do with steriods. I thought maybe it's my speakers, so I plugged in my headphones. Yup the sound still cuts out when the "S" word or anything related to that come up. Try it, something for the HG X-Files...

It really is good to be king.

king he is not.

yeah hes more like the Stuard of Gondor.

tyrannically insane but hes kept the city safe in the kings absence for years.

awesome reference!

now all that's left is for him to jump into a fire.

yeah but im not sure if i want Viggo Mortensen as the head of UFC.