Anyone watch Wild,Wild Country on Netflix?

Pretty good but a little slow moving. About a cult that got ran out of India and settled in Oregon in the 80s. I was kinda young at that time so I wasn’t much into the news, only vaguely remember hearing it background.

(Stops speaking to everyone in this thread for enlightenment reasons.)

Yup, great documentary.

I feel like Netflix is going to murder their own break away true crime genre. Unbelievably bad pacing.

I want to watch it but I always thought Osho was kind of cool. I have a couple of his books. Meditate, bang, dance, be happy, love fully, and be at peace.

"Your mustache is giving me great joy"

One power OSHO does have is that he seldom blinks.


Funny you posted about it today. I remember people talking about it on here when it was first released, but I'm on episode 5 now. The pacing has been stupid, but it is crazy. The Secretary chick is a walking movie villain.

Good doc