Anyone watching CA high school track on FSW?

watching now on Channel 31 (basic cable). anyone else enjoy watching track and field? these CA kids are fuggin talented. bunch of them smashed US records at the CA state meet this year.

i competed in TAC from the 4th grade and continued through and high school, so i kinda enjoy it.

*expects crickets..

I dont even know why I clicked on this thread ?????

....sits and listens to the crickets



wow Im a fan of Track and field now




^one of the main reason's i like watching track and field

Thread turns from informative to eye candy :)

Trained a Pole vaulter when i was on the mainland, and noticed for some reason a lot of them are fuggin HOT! Must have something to do with the handling of large poles

  "Trained a Pole vaulter"


*very nice Sub, I'm jealous!


"Must have something to do with the handling of large poles"


*I don't remember being there?



what made her even hotter is she was "bi", and i would catch her noticing the same tail i did. lol

i was a high jumper...and i think a high jumper and a pole vaulter would make a great couple.

Damn, Freitas gots some skillz

i got good at high jump so that i could avoid all the running events.

Thats dedication - F@ck running!

and how did i get good at high jump? by not practicing, of course.

i used to tell my track coach that i was going for a jog...and i'd jog to a middle school across the street where i'd dunk basketballs on a 9-foot rim with my loser friends. the track coach was an old guy, and he'd always forget that i'd left and not come back.

i guess i did so much jumping on the basketball court that it inadvertently improved my vertical. raised my jump from 6'0" my junior year to 6'6" my senior year by essentially NOT practicing high jump. and i was the Domonique Wilkins of the 9' rims.

 Holy $hit at 6'6" Pat!!!!  You musta been seriously throwin down on 11 footers.  You ever try testing your max vert nowadays?  I tried... its funking depressing :(  Oh yeah... and I actually do watch track and field when there's no bball or mma.  CA has some sick athletes.

lucky if i can touch rim these days.

as long as i could palm a ball, i could dunk on a regulation hoop...until i was about 26 years old. because of high jump i was a one-foot jumper, so i couldnt two-hand a ball. injuries and age caught up with me in my later 20s. now i'm 37, i have a herniated disk in my lower back, bad ankles, and clicking knees. any dunking i do nowadays involves a nerf ball or a donut. :(

btw, i cant stop scrolling up to look at the pole vaulter. she is absolutely gorgeous. she definitely qualifies as "my type."