Anyone watching cowboys vs rams?

Should be a good game. Cowboys gonna win. I like them because I'm a cowboy. I'm the only REAL cowboy on this forum as a matter of fact. Kaneman tried to steal my gimmick, but it didn't work. 

Any rams fans wanna hop in here and talk shit?

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Rams fan…made a thread every year for them…guess I’ll do it now…

Who's this black babe singing the anthem? Excellent singer and sexy as fuck. Wonder if she needs a baby daddy?

op is a faggot 


Dakota needs to get that little baby tooth fixed 

jman - Rams fan...made a thread every year for them...guess I'll do it now....

You may wanna wait until next week when they have a chance to win. Gonna embarrass yourself if you do it this week lol 

ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff -

op is a faggot 

I will fuck you up son. I'm a real cowboy. 

I flipped to it just to see what 5 billion dollars gets you these days. 

Nope. I like football but won’t turn on another game until they drop the social justice bullshit. 


Not a Cowboys fan.

But I got Dak Prescott as my fantasy football QB so I'll be rooting for them.

Good start for the Rams. Looking good 

Fuck the cowboys 

SandBlaster -

Fuck the cowboys 

Not watching, but this.

Always this.

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Cowboys fan. Not watching. Rather play fall guys all night.

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Missed the opening. Did any of the teams kneel?

jman -

Good start for the Rams. Looking good 

I'm not impressed. The cowboys specialize in making mediocre offenses look like GOATs. I've been watching them pull that shit since I was in 4th grade lol

TXEMC1 - Missed the opening. Did any of the teams kneel?

Rams kneel. Cowboys didnt kneel. Jerry Jones stood with hand over his heart. 

Surprised they havent even mentioned social justice yet. I hope they do though. That'll rustle some OG jimmies. 

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Nah, don’t need millionaires teaching my poe ass about fake oppression.

But hey some people like BBCs so keep adding to their paychecks.


Got the rams here +2.5. Felt like they should have been slight favourites 

I skipped the 1st just to avoid cringe. Did they all kneel?