Anyone watching K1 Max?

 Kyshenko looked awesome.

I have it DVR'ing. Im just now wacthing Ryuji vs Tatsuji

southsidesti - I have it DVR'ing. Im just now wacthing Ryuji vs Tatsuji

 oops sorry. you're 2 fights back.

where are you guys watching it?


ah, ok.


yeah its all good, Kyshenko is one of my favorite max fighters ... right before Masato and Mike Zambidis

 iron mike for me, pride of greece.

awesome intro for nagashima

yeah, great fight for Kyshenko - Alviar Lima is a tough dude and he made him look like an amateur

what bouts are coming up mad xyientist?

its streaming online FYI

o shit buakaw vs dida next?

you can see the fights over at

why isnt Zambidis in the Final 16, is he not with k-1 anymore?

 Zambidis is fighting JWP soon in a K-1 rules bout.

Guess K-1 wanted to give others a shot over Zambidis this year.  They now have all the best 70kg standup fighters except Yod.

gatovolador - Petroysan made that dude look like a punching bag

Askerov is a good fighter but Petrosyan made him look like he wasn't even there

Reed Rothchild - that dude that was announcing with all the 'one liners' was fucking funny..............   

There was was one time when he said that ( as the figher is walking to the ring) this legendary fighter makes all the women of Japan go into organanism.     wtf

lol yes. i was cracking up at his jokes. i was like did i just fucking hear that??

 Michael Schiavello is the man, HDNet should use him instead of Kenny Rice for the DREAM events.

Fuck, fucking Comcast HD Net