Anyone watching new season of Big Brother?

New season started last night. Seems like they have a lot of smart people in the cast.

Since 3 of the 4 people up for elimination are black, I wonder when the cries of racism will start.


They killed it with " the cookout"


I’m going to start it tonight. I didn’t finish last season.

Never seen racism promoted so prolifically before.


lol yeah.
And made sure to feature it in the beginning.

The sister with the huge knockers is stunning

Which one, there’s 3. Although I’m sure you don’t mean the 61 year old broad.

The Mexican chick would get it too.

That Izzy chick I assume is a dyke and already looks like she’s going to be the most annoying person in the house.

I like the Sikh dude and the hillbilly. Although so far, the cast seems pretty likeable. Normally on the first episode there’s a couple of people that you can tell are going to be unsufferable.

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This one

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The other one isn’t too shabby either.

Blonde chick seems like a typical bar skank. Someone’s definitely plowing her this season.

If the deaf guy has a legit shot at the Olympics, wtf is he doing on this show? He should be training.

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haven’t watched the first episode yet but my wife and I are diehards

I want Brittany Haynes back on BB25


Korean and thick blonde will end up making out

I saw the cast, and nope, does not look interesting this season.

Was surprised to see there weren’t more blacks cast. 3 of 4 are on the block. Mrs Clean looks useless to me so hope she goes. Rest are pretty attractive except the dyke of course. The whole multi-verse thing is dumb


thanks for the heads up. I might check out this season. I’ve bailed like on the past 4 but prior seasons I have never missed…

They only cast 4 white people, LOL fuck that show.

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Well I haven’t watched since Will the doctor won & told everyone if they didn’t like how the reality show played out it’s probably because they didn’t like reality or something of the sort lol. Was that the first season?

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I cant believe she’s not acting. She has the looks and body

Second season and he’s still considered the greatest players

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really!?! :roll_eyes: