Anyone watching Ring of Fire tonight?

 Is it over? I just found out about it and I dont want to buy if if it is almost over.


  Edited: Double post.

I hope no one falls into it.

 I am sure some lucky MMA fan is making smores asw we type.

Watching it right now. Vinnie Lopez vs mark korzenowski up now. Phone Post

Just bought it. How many fights left. Phone Post

That is a small cage. Phone Post

Not bad fights so far, seems to be a lot of people missing out. Either that or they have a life. Phone Post

What`s the attendance look like?

Sounds good, with the lighting it is hard to say. First 3 rows are full for sure. Phone Post

Just showed a wide shot pretty close to a packed house. TNYBA puts asses on the seats. Phone Post

 Did that Marcus guy win?

Too drunk and unfamiliar with the fighters to say. Phone Post


Thanks for the info.

Tommy Thompson just won a split decision against done guy with the last name Ingram. Pretty good ground fight. 3 fights left two for a title. Phone Post

crowbar - Alright,

Thanks for the info.

NP sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Thanks for the heads up. Phone Post

Marcus"Bad Intentions" Edwards is the guys name.

That fight is getting ready to start. I will let you know. According to his opponent he is ducking the tougher competition in Colorado. Phone Post

 A member on here was building this guy up pretty hard.Says he is UFC or Bellator material within a year,so I was just curious.

He has a red Mohawk so he is def. TUF material. Phone Post