Anyone work for UPS?

what is the tuition reimbursement policy? If they pay for my school I won't mind working part time until I graduate Phone Post 3.0

Aaronrodgers=GOAT -
sleepy_Man2323 - Yes but you are going to have to work for a year before you get any of theses benefits. Phone Post 3.0
Does it really take 8 years to be brought on full time ? Phone Post 3.0
I'm a ups driver, took me 11 years to become a full time driver. Phone Post 3.0

Doublevision -
McDrats - I worked part time at the worldport hub in Louisville for 4 years and they paid for my college classes and had great health insurance. I only recommend working at ups if your serious about college and I was not. However alot of hot girls straight out of high school worked there too. Fun easy place to work but pay is not that great. Phone Post 3.0
When did they start paying for college and how much? Phone Post 3.0
The worldport hub in Louisville paid for my schooling from the start. If you drop a class or fail you have to pay for it. They had it merged with a program called metrocollege. They even partially reimbursed books. Phone Post 3.0