Anyone work in 3PL or 4Pl service industry?

Here is the backstory. I am part owner in a business, and we own the building/warehouse. It is very large and, the products that we ship do not take up much space. We have the infrastructure and the staff to ship way more on a daily basis then what we currently ship. My questions are as follows.

Is there a website that allows you advertise your services to ship for other companies? In that same area, is there also that would allow you to contact or interact with other companies looking to use us for storage?

Interested in hearing any ideas on how to maximize our resources to its full potential earnings.

Say you had 20000 square foot building in a industrial park, and had the staff and ability to ship way more products. Not really interested in subletting the space to other companies, rather offering a 3PL or 4PL service.

Anyone care to chime in with any experience or ideas?

OK, let's try it this way...I have 20000 square foot warehouse, what ideas does anyone have to generate more income from the staff and space that are afforded to me? Like will a potato chip company use our stockhouse and pay us to ship for them? Will tradeshow attendees pay to store displays here?

Warehouse DJ rave type parties!!


ill come