Just wondering if anyone here would help me out. Im trying to get the fight between chuck and tito on my pc but cant find it. Im in iraq right now and was unable to see it.

Check their forums, go go the multimedia part

Thanks im trying to get it cause alot of us here wanted to see it but couldnt. I know its prob a small file

stormtrooper...Sorry, I can't help you with your request. But, I wanted to say thanks for all you and all our troops are doing over there.

Gary Hughes

Thanks for the support Gary at times we sure need it.

Ironlife suspended my account cause i couldnt log in enough. Anymore suggestions ?

God Bless you all over there stormtrooper & stay safe please! :-) Give me your mailing address, I'll mail you a full vhs copy of UFC 47.

Spc. Brandon Moody
HHC 39th BCT "MP"
APO AE 09378


that's the entire address and it will make it to where you are in Iraq?

Thats the addy we are getting are mail at. They said we cant put which camp were at for security reasons. But all my mail is making it here so far. Thanks again.

so it will look like this, right?

Spc Brandon Moody


AE 09378


APO AE 09378

everything else is good

Takes 3 hrs to copy it, then it will be on the way to you!!! :-)

You better stay safe!! I expect to hear from you after you all watch it!!!

Trust me when i tell ya im doin my best to stay safe. It gets kinda hairy here but staying cool is the key. That and most of the peeps we have encountered cant shoot to save their lives. I will definately stay in touch afterwards. Here are the links to a couple of pics ive had took of me since i got here on my truck with my guns.The dates are messed up since i cant figure out how to change it on my digi cam
another pic

--The dates are messed up since i cant figure out how to change it on my digi cam

What brand/model is the camera?

its a samsung. But it doesnt matter i figured out how to shut the dates off now lol
Im gonna upload more pics tommorow probably

thanks alot everyone for the support

god bless