Anyone's Health insurance go up?

My employer pays 50% of our health insurance. It’s great insurance so Ii funny mind paying what I do. But I just sent from paying $150ish a month to $210 a month.

Let me state it wasn’t a surprise, we knew it was coming. HR called be 3 weeks ago to tell me so I could inform the guys at my branch. It was but will received.

Anyway, wondering if anyone else’s went to our of this was just my company and maybe him not paying was much as he always has.

Still, looking at the open I have now, if I bought it myself not through employer it would be over $400 a month.

I woke for a ~$110B per year company, and I pay about $1,300/mo for benefits. It’s absurd.

More illegals and welfare means higher rates for the rest of us. Thanks Obama.

My employer is self-funded. We had an increase last year, first in three years. Unsure what this year’s open enrollment will look like yet. I do know one new change for us this year will be $25 surcharge per check if you choose to cover your spouse and they’re employed and offered health insurance. That’s an extra $650/year

Woah man really. That’s straight horseshit. Insurance is at a crazy high it’s going to be unreal. It seems it’s going to be so high more people start supporting socialized medicine.

They are not nearly the drain you want to believe.

Sure buddy. The welfare state has given so much money and all it does is line politicians pockets.

No, the insurance companies do that.

It’s around 800 per month for family coverage for fairly good insurance through my company.

Talking to my friends, it’s even cheaper than what other companies are offering.

Insurance premium has been going up every year.

Fucking hell man. I’m so lucky to not have to worry about family insurance.

So was my grandpa at his job. It’s not a headache he ever had to deal with.


Must pay for the ones who cant/wont pay.

-Barak Obama

Amazing, so a financial vehicle (insurance) created and designed hundreds of years ago to mitigate the risk against catastrophic loss but is currently being applied as a means to pay for the ongoing maintenance of an individual’s medical needs, which is guaranteed to be increasingly more costly as the population ages, is getting more expensive?

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

It’s almost like we’ve been using the wrong tool for the job for decades…

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Some one got to pay for all those immigrants health care; guess what its you.

Someone has to pay for the $20billion wasted on illegals every year, its not the government.

It’s not like they are worried about their credit score lol.

Now don’t you go getting all logical with us!

Blame the immigrants!

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“Illegals” are not immigrant.


Illegal immigrants, and uninsured citizens, absolutely impact the cost of Healthcare in this country (though there is a lot of debate over how much and which party impacts is the worst).

But the real problem is we’ve been applying the wrong financial tool to the job for 50-ish years and now we are fucked because to really fix it will be incredibly disruptive, costly, and require real sacrifice for almost all stakeholders. Therefore, the is absolutely zero political will to make real change and it’s much easier to flail around and scapegoat easy targets.

It def doesn’t help when the insurance companies are in bed with the medical industry. Other than quality, there really isn’t much positive to say about our healthcare in the us.