Anything in San Jose Cali??

This weekend?? I will be there for work but will have my nights free. Any fights this weekend or schools I can train at.

There is an IFL show in Oakland CA on Friday Night (Jan 19th), its usually about 45 minutes to an hour drive from San Jose, but on a Friday night the traffic will be terrible.

This Friday is the IFL event in Oakland.. about 35 minutes from San Jose.. the tickets aren't too expensive.. you get to see Frank, Ken, Jeremy Horn, Marco Ruas and Maurice Smith pls some good fights.

Frank Shamrock has his school in San Jose.. I think Maurice Smith is in town for the IFL and helping Frank train. I bet that would be fun to check out.

thanks I did not realize that.

mad sexy email me i can hook you up with

Dave Camarillo and AKA is in SJ.....He's legit.

Any promotional deals with local radio stations for the friday show or similar?

Considering taking a few friends, and saving a buck here or there can be nice.