Anything wrong with Batmam begin?

1)katie was awful a DA. 2)Gordon and his little lines sucked unlike year one. 3)Fox did not have t0 know.

thats mean, brudda, you should do some meditating or something, release some of that anger in a positive way

Scraping the barrell dude the movie ruled.

Not as good as Year One, for some of the reasons you mentioned, but a worthy effort and the best Batman movie yet.

I'm looking forward to the 2nd one.

Microwave emitter vapourizing water in pipes, but not humans

3) didn't fox say something to the effect of "whatever you're up to, i'm not an idiot, so let's not bother with keeping me in the dark.."

he didn't have to kno, but he'd figure it out anyways...

Exactly. IIRC, Fox was more like, "don't lie to just don't have to tell me if you don't want me to know"

You're thinking of Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989)....warmonky is talking about "Batman Begins" (2005)

Well, Leigh, I did find it odd that no one could figure out who the Batman was considering he talked so funny with his mouth looking, like werid (not like Alicia Silverstone fucked up, but pretty weird).

But, he had the repressed anger thing down pretty well. I wonder how that actor would fare against like dragons.

That why he needs eye lenses ala Daredevil the movie.

Like anyone couldn't pick out Keaton or Kilmer from a line-up considering their lips/mouth or so distinct!

Superman has a better disguise imo