Anyway to save data from Western Digital Ext. HD??

I have about 1TB of data saved to a Western Digital External HD. I take it to a guy who was somewhat of a professional and he told me that he was able to read some of the files(SWF files), however he was not able to tansfer anything.

Do you guys have any suggestions, for recovering the data,  short of me spending a grand to have the hard drive repaired?


What originally happened to the drive? Did it just stop being recognized? Did you format it on accident?

Irregardless, I have had some experience with two free applications that seemed to work when I had a drive issue.

Recuva - Free tool that has a nice user's interface that seemed to find almost all of my files.

PhotoRec - Free tool that is a bit harder to use since it is basically a command line. It worked pretty decent as well.

I think I got most of my data back using those.