anywhere there are more workouts like this

i know the galvao, ginastica natural

but the jiu jitsu based workouts in the videos

soon to post

trying to figure out something for the video sorry for delay

Anyone know what brand/type of snorkel they are using? i.e. it looks like it has a dial on it. Anyone know?

while i generally think scott sonnon has gone off the deep end, especially recently, he's done some pretty cool things with the older prasara flow yoga stuff. very reminiscent of ginastica natural.

There is a whole bunch of ladder exercises in the book "Training for speed, agility, and quickness".

Google books link here:

In the end of the book there is also a sample program for wrestlers/judokas.

Ladder segments of book:


ttt for info on the snorke. Is it a standard diving snorkel or is it an athletic piece of equipment available somewhere?


In Luanna's video, I saw her doing BJJ techniques while weighted. From what I understand shouldn't you try to avoid doing this? I hear it ruins your technique.