Anywhere to Watch Pride: South FL?

Hey guys im looking for somewhere to watch the Pride Grand Prix this weekend. Im in South Miami. Any help would be appreciated.

Does that strip club in Hialeah show it? I don't think that Jai Alai does.

Also, maybe we could all go to Manny Reyes place afterwards and beat his chubby ass.

hah no I dont think treasure island has it. Basically I'm asking because im so fucking broke I cant afford anything. I could bring a pack of beer or something :).

Charles- If one of my buddies has it on, you are invited. Let me see what is going on.

bflex: email me please thanks for the invite

south florida, shoot i would be out chasing bitches on the beach.

Sunday night isnt exactly the best time to chase bitches on the beach but ill keep that in mind for another time. Thanks for your fine input :).

Charles if you don't see it I will bring it with me to the AFC show.

Charles- You have mail



lol my bad charles never been there before, and my mind tends to wander sometimes.