AOC Aunt says "Trump is not to Blame". If you are liberal, you are a mental midget

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s a problem here in Puerto Rico - not with Washington.’ AOC’s aunt says Trump is NOT to blame for lack of aid to the struggling island after the congresswoman bashed the former president for damage to her grandmother’s home

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welcome to 2020 nan

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I always find it funny when they try to introduce wokeness and other left wing ideas to foreigners and they have no idea what they are talking about. It’s like trying to bring up latinx with a person from a latin country. It’s like their brains can’t process how retarded you are and just can’t understand it. Talking to my friends family from Afghanistan about it is quite hilarious. Woke culture doesn’t exist in places where there is actual struggle.


Talk about a Tweet back fire. LOL. First, Matt Walsh embarrasses AOC by raising $100k for her “abuela”. And now her aunt finishes the job.

I’d say I’m surprised. But this is what happens when you elect a bartender to Congress.