AOC Is The Democrats Best Shot Against Trump In 24! Momentum Begins!

it would be CAPITAL entertainment…perhaps a few more peasant wingNUTS to fill the prisons!

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LOL and just like they try to STEAL ELECTIONS, the RepubliCONS tried to LIE that Obama wasn’t even a USA Citizen and was IN FACT a MUSLIM at a time when the USA was WAR MONGERING in the Islamic East…and Obama STILL got the BIG WIN!


I’d prefer to shoot a load her in the eyeball and give her pink eye for the week.


OMG she is so hot. She’s an idiot, but she’s totally my type. I love her big glorious boobies and those silly cute beaver teeth.


OP I don’t know how to break it to you but, shes a moron. You know this right? I mean have you ever heard her argue a point?

Trump would make AOC look like an idiot…more so.

He turned the key and opened the lock for the crazy left to come through the gate.

The right’s objection of him was spot on

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