AOC purchases TESLA (LMFAO)

I absolutely love these socialists. They’re living as true socialists do and always have.

AOC buys a $59,000 Tesla, which does far worse in making one of those with the resources that goes into it then buying a cheap used gasoline car. She makes $179,000 per year which is 5 times what the average earner makes and puts in the 0.000001% of the world.

Not to be topped by Bernie Sanders though who’s a millionaire with 3 houses.

Oh but wait I’m guessing these “aren’t true socialists” right? Lmfaoo I actually love it.

She’ll use more fossil fuel charging it than she would gas if she bought a hybrid.

Hopefully she uses the auto pilot on an extremely glary day



There isn’t a road between the kitchen and the bedroom.

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She found a way to charge it for free


No different than al gore preaching about carbon footprints while he used 20 times more electricity than the average American.


Ever see a pic with her and boyfriend?

You just know she straps it on for him. One look at the two. She is the alpha, he’s the beta. Barely even human, more like dogs.

10000% hahahaha I thought the EXACT same thing.

These far leftist authoritarian girls love a cuck they can dominate. Same goes for Harry and Meghan Markle.

I would have assumed she hated Elon Musk and wouldn’t want to support him in any way…

What was priceless about that is after getting exposed, he raced to get solar panels put up. On his fucking sailboat lol. It made it worse because he was the original poster boy for climate change.

Then it was found he made strategic investments in the millions to personally benefit off of any carbon legislation. Always follow the money.

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