Aoki-Hansen opinions?

hansen is great

but he looked like shit from the bell. maybe he needs to go hairless again

"You have good opinions, but you tend to jump the gun and say things like this which make people ignore what you have to say. Which is a shame considering you do make some good points. What you think of Sudo's entrance? Crazy huh?"

Shinobu. I qualified my post. I mean to say he was the best MMA applied grappler. Of course in pure grappling he is probably not the best.

oh yeah, and it's a shame that Sudo had to retire, he easily had some of the best entrances in MMA.

Why did he retire? I got that much from his post-fight speech, but I couldn't catch the WHY part.

"I mean to say he was the best MMA applied grappler."

Still taking things too far, EY. Im with YJS, if you care to be taken more seriously overall, i would humbly suggest to take a deep breathe before getting too excited at times.

At least you can admit mistakes though ;p

Talk all you want, its clear that Shinya quivers in shame and fear everytime he thinks of Garcia violating him with ease, and that Aoki is doing MMA because he feels its the only way to get his warrior spirit back.

A little inside info, Aoki failed his police exams because the final test was to face their greatest fear, and when Aoki opened the door to the exam room, Garcia was in there waiting for him.

Shinya wouldn't rematch, so he failed the test.

Democratic Japanese are flicking matchboxes???

"Bravo claims he influenced Aoki's submissions style, but Aoki barely knows who bravo is."

to my knowledge, bravo and aoki trained together shortly in japan. That was damn near a text book 10th planet set up btw.

Mission control, hand to the matt, clear the head, drive the foot under the neck, grab the top of the foot over the head, and choke


I think Aoki may be THE BEST submission guy with his legs, in the sports history. That was high level technique at its finest. That kid is absolutely amazing.

Aoki vs. karo would be great!

"Ummm. aoki pulled off one of the most advanced subs in a major MMA event against a top 5 LW."

It's not one of the most advanced subs at all.  If you're flexible, you can do that sub easily.

Still it was awesome to watch it used.

"It's not one of the most advanced subs at all. If you're flexible, you can do that sub easily.

Still it was awesome to watch it used."

It is advanced for MMA, where usually only basic subs work.

I have never seen a guy use his chin in that position to choke a guy. That was amazing. If that isn't advanced, than I don't know what is. Definitely not something you would see at TUF or Hidiheko Yoshida level.

If you play rubber guard often and you are going against someone unfamiliar with it, gogoplatas aren't all that hard. I subbed two guys in a row by gogoplata in my first pankration tournament. You don't see it often because not many people use the setup and positioning that create opportunity for it.

Yes it is, for now. More people will learn and they will become more frequent. I'm not taking anything away from Aoki's skills but it wasn't a 1 in a million submission like Chonan on A. Silva, he's going to pull that shit off on opponent after opponent.


it's not easy.

hahahahhaha. wtf

How long do you think before he pulls off a locoplata in MMA?

The rubber guard rocks.

Didnt BJ try it on GSP in their fight?