Aoki Shinya

Just read a few posts asking about Shinya. I've known him for a little over three years. He had just started BJJ at a Marcus Aurelio affiliate school in Tokyo and was a blue belt. We had about the same exp. in JJ and went at it pretty well. He was on a Judo seminar in Hawaii and when he found out I trained BJJ too, he and I broke away to spar a bit. He was extremely intrigued w/ leg techniques as we don't do any in judo, and was already pretty good at a few. Seems he's improved a bunch since. Anyway, he just got his Black Belt from Yuki Nakai (Paraestra, Tokyo) this March. He is a really nice and humble guy who just so happens to be MENTAL too. If he could read/write English, I'm sure he'd be on the forum. Any questions for him I can forward to him if you want.