Aoki vs Black(Spoiler)

Aoki not only owned Black but he owned all the Sportsbooks out there who had him at +303 instead of -250 like he should have been.

Anybody who follows Aoki and Shooto knew that Black had no chance in this one.

aoki closed at +187 on Pinnacle

i sir, would like to be the second to say, I TOLD YOU SO.

think he'll be visiting here in a couple of months. yay!

He closed at +187 because of a thread I made on Sherdog.

He started at +303.

well my pic was Aoki by armbar, but I was close.

for you guys here are two fights, with sick endings by Aoki.

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I said when those odds were released whoever made them should be fired or quit.

Absurd odds.

I didnt make that opening number, but I will give some insight.

The Bettors  got crushed tonight......

That was the ONLY  STEAM bout on the entire card that held up......

Steam is when a betting line starts to move rapidly in one direction. Most "steam games" do not necessarily reflect objective circumstances, but are games that a mass of bettors are drawn to for some reason.

See for yourself  (Spoilers) This thread is must read for anyone than bets fights.


I did not have problem with the other lines, except for the curran fight which was a close fight and did not deserve those odds from pinacle sports. Aoki was the ridiculious one.

The fact that anybody placed Shinya Aoki as an underdog in that fight is ridiculous. He should have been the overwhelming favorite in that one. It's clear that whoever makes the odds just uses the Fight Finder as his main source of reference.

The sound his arm makes ...omg....

aoki doesn't feel really powerful. then you tap. freaky.

Aoki seriously might have the slickest ground game in MMA today.

I love how he actually almost KO'ed his opponent with up kicks, and then when the guy fell slapped on a triangle. Slick as hell.