Aoki vs JZ rumour

I read on a japanese site that Aokis opponent for the New Year show is going to be JZ!

Some more good matchups and it will definitly will be the show of the year for me!

If anyone can submit JZ it's Aoki.

JZ by vicious GnP in the first round.

im taking aoki

If true, JZ for teh win!

...but Aoki has a "submissioners chance".


LOL, Nice!  This is a good fight as far as the mix of talent, but JZ has fought a lot of tough grapplers that he destroyed.  I'd ratehr see JZ against some of the bigger 155ers in UFC-Guida, Griffin, Edgar....Somebody who can really push the fight with him.  I just see Aoki being too willing to play off of his back and JZ will keep him there and GnP him until the fight ends.


If this fight happens, and JZ wins it, then as far as I'm concerned, JZ is the #1 P4P fighter in the world. Fedor would be #2. That would be JZ's 4th big win this year over worthy opponents. I respect Fedor a great deal, but one win against a guy two weight-classes down pales against a 4- 0 record this year against top guys.

Not to mention the year he had before this as well.