Aortic Aneurysm

Anyone here have any personal experience with an aortic aneurysm? Removing it is by far one of the most dangerous surgeries performed. Thx.

My father had one removed 3 years ago. procedure was about 9 hrs long as I recall. but he was lucky since his surgeon was somewhat of a pioneer at a prominent SoCal hospital. He had smoked for 40something years so it was quite difficult to ween him off the ventilator. he'd get really agitated every time they'd try to take him off so he was heavily sedated for a long time after the procedure to keep him calm...and as a result of the prolonged sedation, a couple "spots" (technical term, I know) developed on his brain which ended up causing 2 incidents of while he was doing his cardiac rehab in the gym, and another while he was driving in which he ended up ramming a police car which caused him to lose his license for at least a year perhaps 18 months can't exactly recall. yes it's a highly delicate surgery but if you or your loved one has a good surgeon, it's highly survivable. but you gotta catch it before it ruptures....if it does rupture, you're basically done for unless you just so happen to be in the hospital at the time.