APEX Championship Fighting held it's first Auditions and MMA Camp this weekend in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario. Held at the luxurious Radisson Hotel, the Auditions and MMA Camp turned out to be one of the most memorable MMA themed events to ever be held on Ontario soil. Participants flew in from as far as New Brunswick and as south as Boston, Mass, to mix it up with an abundance of local talent from Ontario. Those who were lucky (and smart enough) to participate learned various techniques to compliment their MMA game.

Seminar participants were raving about each instructor's ability to not only relay the information in a clear and concise matter, but were simply blown away by the amount of knowledge that was showcased on Saturday night. Everyone was asking about whether a DVD was going to be produced about the weekend and it is safe to say that in due time, there will be one available showcasing the seminars, the auditions and a vast array of interviews and blooper reels.

Each instructor received rave reviews by the APEX staff. Walking from room to room, it was evident that the selection of the four coaches for this MMA camp were perfect choices as was evidenced by the feedback that APEX received from the participants. Many had never participated in a real boxing class, especially held by world renown trainer 'Coach E' Everton McEwan. 

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There's more...but you should've been there...:)

Joe Doerksen's on fire!

I think he's still dancing somewhere in downtown TO:)

Great weekend!