TTT should be a great event!


Ronin MMA

I'm currently drunk at work.

ttt for APEX!

The OAMA team will be well represented again. Keep the Gatineau events coming!


That poster is fantastic!

I predict another great showing from Claude Patrick!

Patrick is on fire, as is Nabil.

I can't wait to see Brent on the card as well.

If you guys have never seen Dan Grandmaison, rumble, you will be in for treat on this card. He's loaded with skill man...great guy as well.

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The Potvin/Horwich fight and the Patrick/Speigal fight alone would be worth the price of the card.

Hey Dougie, hope to see you at the event. Should be another fun time!

if dougie is there i may just have to show up and see how his acting career is taking off

Awesome poster!

Will you be printing and selling large versions of it Alex?

If so, I will buy at least one.

See you guys there!


If you or someone you know is fighting on this card, kindly pass them the information to check their e-mail for some important updates from APEX and The Athletic Commission.

I just saw that email. I am totally stressed. All of my medicals are now expired and Catscans apparently take months to get.

Aren't catscans like $800????


Ronin MMA

No reason to panic Ryan, we always find a way. I guarantee we will be good to go for June.

Wade, can you please send me an email. A few things I would like to talk to you about.

Hey Alex,

I am at work so I don't have access to my e-mail until I get home. If you post your e-mail I can e-mail you from here.



Thanks Wade!