waiting for questions

Dougie do you know if it's going to be available in name-brand stores (HMV etc.) or is it through online order only?

As far as I know it's available on-line right now only. Alex at APEX is quick with the shipping though imo...

Ray! Don't be like that!

Cool thanks for breaking it down for us Dougie!

No worries man.

This is APEX's website.


Any other questions?

The Wes Sims/Ricardo Francois fight alone is hilarious but there are other fights that rock the house.

I'll leave this up in case people leave some questions and get back to it when I check it.


ttt...yeah I was trying to attend their tryout a few weekends back, but I found out on short notice and couldn't make it.

I had asked Alex through email if there were alternate tryout routes, but never heard anything.

I'd check in with him through his APEX website. He's doing the tryouts for the team and shows so it might be hard to hear back right away.

Cool thanks Dougie.

No worries!


I just found out that the "Play All" has been fixed in the newest version of the dvd.