Aplogies to DemonClown

I've reflected on what you posted siding with those that want WoW outa this forum. Fair enough. Sorry for boring you to death dude. I will no longer post on the gamerground about anything WoW related. Even if I get every class to 60. I've had enough of the trolling on this forum anyways. Re-reading everything, it's all pretty much retarded anyways except for Kai's embedded shockwave of the singing squirrel. If anyone needs me I'll be helping out the other geeks as a mod in the IT Forum. Fuck the gamerground. So, without further adieu...

Peace out

You'll be back...

Ah, everything I wrote is in jest, it's a free forum and people are going to write what they want. That being said, there are about 50 redundant WoW threads, and if nothing else we should at least make fun of that.

You know you'll always have a special place in my heart with Maynard J, Sean.

I was just prying open my 3rd eye man