Apollo Creed: American Patriot

The perfect fighter.

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Good post OP but one issue…

Apollo did not give a white guy a chance, he gave an Italian a chance.

Great post. Apollo was a great character and his rivarly then friendship with Rocky was one of the best parts about the series. I was disappointed in the most recent Creed film as it just seemed so bland and lacked the heart of the originals. And, for the record, I liked Rocky 5. I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as the first 4 but I enjoyed it. I also thought Tommy Morrison did the best out of all the actual boxers who appeared in the series and found it odd how his characters downfall in Rocky 5 mirrored his own downfall in real life.

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Wouldve painted Mr T red

Who won the third fight? My favourite scene.

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Creed 1 was pretty good. Creed 2 was sub par IMO.

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Creed 2 paves the way for Drago’s son to have his own movie but I agree, it was not as good as the first and it rehashed too many story lines from previous Rocky movies.

I want an Apollo Creed prequel. He had almost 50 fights before the Rocky fight. He would have been a complete killer in his prime.


Or a Spider Rico origin story. How did he get to be such a bum?

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I might get my daughter to paint that picture. She recently got into painting portraits of famous people and is gathering a bit of a following. Her first painting was of Saints’ running back Alvin Kamara, she then did the main character from Sex & the City, then Britney Spears, and now Dolly Parton. Apollo was a great character and Carl Weathers is a great actor.


That would be awesome for her to paint that.

Carl Weathers is one handsome son of a bitch.

No homo.

He was a weak faggot that had his ass handed to him by a god damn commie in an exhibition match.

Rocky was the real patriot that avenged his gay friends death.


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Probably my favorite creed/ Rocco scene

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