apologies to JHR, attn: SDJ

shit, my apologies to jhr...


From: ShowdownJoe

Date: 09/21/04 05:00 PM
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I don't think I've ever met Jacob, but good luck.
Best of luck to Sam and Bryan as well.

Machine...keep it in Ontario my man...it's where it belongs...:)


i guess the red name threw me, i owe you a keith's jhr, and, nathan will give you a hummer, on his own behalf of course. anyhow, SDJ, what i meant to say, is that the title is now where it belongs. i can't wait to see the rematch though. :)

I was never worried, Colin.

I did find the thread to me odd, because I didn't think it was like me to say that...

Thanks for this thread, it wasn't necessary though, we're all good my friend.

I will take you up on your offer of drinking some Keith's !

See you at the next show :)

Colin is such a suck ass...makes me want to puke...

On your knees bitch...

nathan, jealousy doesn't look good on you, i promise i will pay attention to you later. :P

Tank tops dont look good on Nathan either...

Short shorts...

T Shirts...


I saw Colin last week in the streets of Victoriaville with his pants down...True story.

You sure it was Colin with his pants and not the "John"?

Did he have a leaf covering his twig and berries ?

If so, I have the picture... lol

that is a true story, boy was i drunk. you missed your chance nathan. and since when have you been using the pseudonym 'john'?

ARghhh: Shane is a fake Canadian champion. He's from the East Coast. He lived in the West Coast, then he moved to Montreal...:)


Yes, a rematch would be great. Or a fight with Monkey would be great. Or a fight with Simba would be awesome.

Shane has a big bull's eye on him right now...everyone wants a piece of him. Not bad for a guy many people didn't even have on their radar.