Starting at 2:30 AM early Sat morning (Fri night) EST, the site was attacked with a Distributed Denial of Service. Volume was about 10 GPS. We have been taking a variety of preventive steps, with thus far mixed results.

I want to apologize to all of you for the site being down, and for so long.

There are some truly smart people looking into it, but at present I am baffled as to why anyone would go so much trouble. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to post below.

All I can tell you at present for certain is that I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and there is a good sized team at work on fixes.



In as a survivor. Phone Post

Remember the 2013 blackout Phone Post

In before the zombies attack Phone Post 3.0

Yea, no need to apologize. We are sorry that happened to your site. Phone Post

My body is still shaking.

Mix6APlix - LOL @ feeling the need to apologize. We all owe you a debt of gratitude, so thanks Kirik. Glad shit is back in order.

This. No need for apologies. Thank you. Phone Post

Chael Sonnen Money - Remember the 2013 blackout Phone Post
Never forget. Never again. Phone Post 3.0



Just glad it's all sorted, i nearly, very nearly logged into a decade old sherdog account but I got so annoyed with there inane bullshit, I figured better of it and took my anger out in the gym. Phone Post


redneck and evilyoshida must have stirred up a hornet's nest somewhere.

It is good preparation for the upcoming zombiepocolypse.

No need for an apology. Great work getting it back up under the circumstances.

Yesterday, July 13, 2013--a date which will live in infamy--the United Grounds of Under & Over was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Ho Li Fuk.

I saw votedowns in my flashforward Phone Post

Kirik, I saw you've setup CloudFlare, it is a step in the right direction.

I also suggest at a paid service like:


they are a SOLID provider, I had to setup DDoS protection for a gambling site (where russians where constantly DDoS'ing everyone to extort money)

They can help for sure. It will cost you a bit per month (I think the basic plan is around 1000$/month)

But if you contact them, they will help RIGHT AWAY and get you out of trouble. They wont ask for payment first.

That was worse than Y2K Phone Post 3.0

I literally thought the world was ending. I had not been that bored with no OG forever. Phone Post

i was out of town and kept checking the android app, sad panda. glad it's back though!

Chris's Weidman in Tom O'Butthole - 

Yea, no need to apologize. We are sorry that happened to your site. Phone Post