I want to apologise to all for the deletions in the
last 24 hours. I take full responsibility for it. Please
don't blame any other party, as it was me who did

The purpose of this page is to grow the sport. This
has to happen without slander.

I realise there is in life a time and a place to put
your foot down and say "You are wrong, and I am
right, and here is why ..."

The Net is a problematic place to accomplish that
reasonably however. It turns into a pecking party. It
turns into a spectacle. It turns into a slew of
anonymous names casting aspersions. Often, the
battle actually draws away from the actual issues
at hand.

And in the end? In the end, nothing has changed.
Everyone holds the same views, and those views
are maybe just hardened.

This is not a war, democracy versus freedom. It is
a tiny, struggling sport. I am not saying everyone
has to try to get along; we are all human, and
unanimous agreement is rare.

But I am asking all parties, please, try to win not by
putting down anyone else, but by building
something. What is the saying? - "Living Well Is
The Best Revenge."

Again, I want to take responsibility for what I have
been reasonably told was both heavy handed (as
there was no explanation given) and unbalanced
(posts were selectively removed). I owe many of
you an apology.

I have tried to move the issue off the page
wholesale, and explain.

I look forward to your responses, however critical.

In keeping with the message above, contrary views
are best stated reasonably and intelligently. If you
post "I canot believe you, you are a stupid snake"
you are unlikely to accomplish much. If you say,
"Listen, I appreciate your taking the time to post,
but you are wrong 100% of the time in this matter,
and here is why ..." I promise you I will be listening
as hard as I am able.

Thanks Kirik!

Can I give you a call Kirik?

Please call me



You can email him via kirik@mma.tv

phone number anyone?

For the sport to grow the promoters have to be accountable.

Kirik, that's the best post I think I have EVER read on the UG!

NOT because it favors TKO (it doesn't). NOT because it censors what some people want to say (it doesn't, it just censors how you say it). But, because it promotes intelligent, civilized discussions. Something which has been severely lacking of late.

That said, nothing's going to change.


You have mail sir.


Although I respect your decision to delete the threads, it does bother me for a few reasons. Mainly because this is the only place where people who have had negative experiences within the community can share them. This forum can be a place of reckoning, and it's dissapointing that when the devil's getting his due, it's decided that it's unacceptable to hear it.

This is an area where opinions should be shared. Warnings can be issued and, though some might call it damaging, the past cannot be allowed to be forgotten. Though I'm sure some parties would prefer that all wronged individuals would let it go, leave it in the past and move on, said parties are obviously not the ones who were screwed. Some of these wrongs have affected families, and I think for some to insist that they leave them in the past is selfish.

I prefer to think of this forum as a sounding board for the underground of MMA; those fans that care for the sport and those to whom MMA represents a favoured hobby. Obviously there have been some bad vibes aimed at certain individuals. If so many people share the same poor opinion of someone, and they have had similar experiences, shouldn't they be allowed to join together and state their case? How fair is it to the JT's and Showdown's and Rodeley's that their voices be silenced in the face of such overwhelming malevolence? I think that, while it was your call, some things need to be remembered.


Its his place he can delete what he wants. have respect! BSF go spend thousands on bliuding a site then you can do what you want.

BSF, what was the name of the thread please?

Pete, you got mail.

Fever, given some of the things I read and removed, the
proper place for accountability is a court of law, not a
message board.

Antico, thanks for the kind words. I think the sport is going to
get better.

VigneaultFan, I very much appreciate the time and good
thought you put into the post; I read it three times. I am less
enamoured of anonymity. If someone is going to make
serious, critical posts about a real person, it seems the least
one could do is say who you are. An opinion by someone
who won't even say their name is something I don't
understand (Kirik, weird as it is, is my real name :-) If I am
mistaken and confused about who you are, too, and
everyone but me knows, I apologise again.



I made my serious critical post after Stephane called me out by my real name in his original inflammatory post where he decided to reveal some stuff about our dealings in the past. I'm not trying to hide from anyone behind a net name. As Stephane wrote in his post, my real name is Justin Pike and I used to be a student of Steve Vigneault in Montreal. If anyone wants to contact me about anything, they can email me.

Anyways, thats why I fired back at him and aired my own case on the UG. He called me out, personally.

Hope this helps amplify the authenticity of my earlier post.

Thanks again.

I don't like cancer.

At all.



I don't remember you explaining how any Press Releases were false. Perhaps I missed it? Are you talking recent or past?

I think a statement like that needs to be backed up. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


Antico..feel free to email me at any time!