Apology for Cordeiro...

First off, I had no idea that thread was still circulating about me saying f@#k KOTC. If I had, I would have done this sooner. Although I'm not quite sure who's jerking me around, either my "manager", or otherwise,I will settle this like a man. Dear Chris Cordeiro, I Cedric "Spider Man" Marks APOLOGIZE for my earlier comments. I should have researched things further before making any accusations.

Now, with that said, I'm not doing this to kiss any ass, because I'll say it again, it doesn't hurt my feelings to not fight in KOTC at all. I'm not necessarily looking for the "big chance" that most fighters do, I just very simply like to fight. I will fight anyone at my level or above at any weight class as I've always done, and I have no time for freaking around with gossip, rumors or otherwise.

Anywho, I hope to fight again soon, because hanging out with these lettuce suits is giving me a headache and a skin rash from wear their ugly ass BDU's. OOO RRAAHH Navy/Marines!!

Ever so sincerely,


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What is a lettuce suit?

Since when did the Marines care about the Navy?

I agree when men make mistakes they nut up and apologize or clear the air.

ttt for a man with pride

First of all, "Byron", who the hell names their kid that anyway? Secondly, Marines are all for Navy when it's us CORPSMEN patching their asses up. Unless you're military, please don't make any comments to that which you know nothing about. I'm definitely proud of being military.

Anyway, I hope this thread doesn't go away before Chris has a chance to read it. Whether he makes a comment or not, good or bad, I stand by my apology. Later insomniacs, it's X-Box time again!!


By the by, a "lettuce suit" is what I call the uniforms that Army personell wear. I'm used to wearing "digital" cammies when I'm with Marines. (learn somethin' new everyday, huh?;-)



Navy? Lettuce?

I guess that you have never heard of Lord Byron???

That's right, I was 12 years prior and am now a federal civilian.

Corpsmen are an exception.

one thing I have learned on my short time on this planet is to not burn any bridges. You never know the full extent of a situation untill long after it happens even if you are involved.

I try not to say anything for certain untill the sitation has died down because more will always come to light.

Good luck on your career.

LOL @ the name "Cedric" being any "cooler" than Byron.

"Unless you're military, please don't make any comments...". Or what? Somebody will sound as ignorant as you?

Let's see, is Cedric cool?

Well, there's Cedric The Entertainer,
Sir Cedric of Spain,
Cedric Paines(Hero in WWII in case you're a little ignorant yourself)
And of course, there's El Cedro La Magnificano (That's me, you ass monkey!)

Look, this post doesn't have anything to do with your stupid ass. It has to do with my owning up to my mistake. So, as they say on here, quit "trolling", and let the proper people respond, blue boy. Maybe you'd have more respect if I decided to spend more time getting my name in green, huh? Or mentioned that I've had of 43 pro fights. Get a life. I know I have one, and it's called Prince Of Persia for the X-Box (get it today at a store near you;-)




ttt....hows it going bro? are you back in Ft. Hood yet?...I got something coming up pretty soon and you know you're always the first one of my list..anyhow, I just got into the country, I've been in Mexico and got your message on my phone yesterday....hope you had happy holidays yourself...and happy new year!


My father named me Byron, after him. Do you have a problem with that???

Do you have a problem with me asking you to clarify a couple of things about your post???


all posts turn out the same no matter what subject

"Maybe you'd have more respect if I decided to spend more time getting my name in green, huh? Or mentioned that I've had of 43 pro fights."

Congratulations on your 43 pro fights. However, you only get respect back the way you give it. Maybe your daddy didn't teach you that...

Think about the way you address your "lessers" when they ask you a question.

Amen to that, UVR. You are a valuable forum member and your opinion is highly regarded here. Likewise, your blue name (paid/pro status) is the reason why this website is still around.

I bow to NO man. I don't care how many times they fight or if they are paid or not. I do not give respect to those who are not respectful. I will not be considered "lesser" and WILL NOT have my name insulted by asking for clarification.

I do not like the term "lettuce suit". It is a stupid thing to say about the warriors that grace our front lines.

Thanks bro I appreciate your responce.