Apology to Q&A Kickboxing Readers

thanks from a former Fairtex student and big fan of Muay Thai. One of the Fairtex business cards reads, "Disciplined, Respect, Conditioning", and is a good reminder for all.

No worries KK. I myself respect that you can ask for forgiveness. Its a a good indication of your character and integrity though I myself felt the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Back to kickboxing talk is a great idea =) .

Damn now THAT'S the Khun Kao I know from every OTHER post but the one in question.:-)Way to go bro!Ego is just excess bagage that holds us down,glad to see you have very little of the bad stuff.

Peace,Love and Brotherhood

Again, thanks guys. I really did not mean any disrespect towards Alex himself. I was only meaning to comment on the fight.

And, as I stated, I was commenting from the perspective of a fight fan, not as a fellow fighter/trainer.

I will be more mindful of the difference in the future.

Khun Kao

Don't sweat it Khun Kao. I really don't think it's a big deal. Like you said, we've all watched fights and made comments like that before.


Isn't that the truth? Thanks, Bad Brad.

Brooks (Khun Kao)

I have already posted this information on the Lumpini Stadium thread, but I would like to make a special post regarding what a severe BUTTHEAD I came across as the other day in stating my opinion of Alex Gongs recent Las Vegas fight.

I was overly harsh in my judgement of that match. I was posting my opinion from the "fight fan" perspective rather than the more professional personna that I have tried to establish here on this forum.

My statements were neither professional nor respectful towards Alex Gong and I sincerely do apologize for them.

As I stated, and many of you pointed out too, Alex is a current fighter who is doing a whole hell of a lot more than I am. He is running one of the premier schools in the entire USA and trying to fight also. Believe it or not, I really do respect him for that and I am sorry that I did not give him any respect in my earlier post.

So, if everyone would kindly forgive me, we can get back to talking some kickboxing...

Brooks C. Miller (Khun Kao Charuad)

Dont worry about it Khun, everybody is entitled to their own opinions! You should hear things I say about you on other forums:)

Seriously, without people like you contributing to the KickBoxing Q&A, it would have died fast. I like to contribute when I can, but I am no moderator.

Like I said earlier, everyone has their own opinion.



I wasn't fired or anything of the sort. I posted an "off the hip" opinion and was dressed down by everyone for leaving my brain at the door. The only "consequences" I faced for my post is that a number of readers got pissed off at me and told me what a jerk I was.

So, I'll get back to archiving and posting, and keep my negative comments to myself...

Thanks to everyone for understanding!

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Dude That sucks, you're fired as forum moderator and you should send a finger to Alex as a form of apology

Seriously though, nobodys perfect and at least you were the bigger man and came on here to apologise

Khun Kao, I was joking, I just fired you as a moderator for doing it!

Sorry for not being more clear

Does he still have to send a finger to Alex? lol


OH, I get it. LOL

Khun Kao

dont sweat it! ALOT of people had the exact opinion (and much worse) of the Alex Gong fight. I dont think he trained a whole lot of that fight period!

Actually, I just didn't want this to get back to Alex b/c I don't want to get my ass kicked!


In all seriousness though, I realized that though my opinion of the fight has not changed, I was too harsh in my comments. I reread what I wrote and can now see how it could be interpretted as a personal attack on Alex, which really was not my intent.

I still intend to rant on bad fights when I see them, but I will be more mindful of my words so that I'm not insulting towards the fighters.

And though I may rant on how such and such fighter's performance sucked on such and such evening, I really do respect them for getting into the ring and trying. I takes a lot of guts to step into the ring. I know, I used to do it myself. I miss it!

As an example, my wife fought about 1 year ago at the first King of the Ring matches in VA Beach (at the Armory). She did not look very good out there. But because I had a personal stake in the match I put a positive "spin" on it. The fact remains, though, that her performance that evening was not good at all. But I was very proud of her anyway and enjoyed seeing the things that she did do correctly work.

Well, I'm starting to ramble on a dead situation.

Hope that everyone looks forward to my review of the fights in September! I'm still going to call it as I see it, but I'll be a little more mindful of my words.

Thanks everyone for your support and understanding.

Khun Kao

Khun Kao, let's see.... on one hand we have all the incredible info you've given us for free, and on the other, we have ONE rant that some people didn't like but others agreed with.... hmmmmmm ok, sorry, you still have to send your finger to Alex, just make it one you don't type with too much :o)

seriously, this is one of the best features of the UG in a LONG time, you're a BIG part of that and we all appreciate it. The occasional rant is not only forgiven, but expected with all the frustration you must have to go through to do this.

Also, this entire thread was the result of your character, you are showing that you have class, and apoligizing, something most people on the forum would never do.

ttt for KK