Applaud UFC and USADA..

For trying to clean up the sport. Ped and steroid use is a epidemic in the ammy and smaller shows. If things are going to change, it has to start at the top; to show these kids that it doesnt pay off to inject steroids. Envision one day a completely clean fighting sport. It will only make things safer and healthier for the athletes. Phone Post 3.0


As disappointed as we all are. Phone Post 3.0


In before 'but it won't be as good!' Phone Post 3.0

The one positive thing I've taken from this situation is that USADA is not fucking around. No one is safe. No more Vitor Belfort style covered up tests. Doesn't matter how big your name is, doesn't matter if your fight is in fifteen minutes - You piss hot, you're fucking done. Phone Post 3.0

finally, a good take on a bad day

Yet people still say the UFC is corrupt and this was the plan all along. A money grab.

You just can't help stupid. Phone Post 3.0

It won't be as good Phone Post 3.0

HolyHackBBCZack - Agreed

In before 'but it won't be as good!' Phone Post 3.0
You did it! : D Phone Post 3.0

They're doing a hell of a job but I think the procedure is flawed. Somethings up with this supplement system. Phone Post 3.0

This whole thing is Jon Jones' fault, not the ufc or USADA's fault. If you're pissed at, or blaming anybody other than Jon Jones, you're retarded. Phone Post 3.0

It's bullshit! These metabolite offenses from supplements should not get you tossed from a fight, cause it helps your body build testosterone or hormones your not taking steroids! Next they will say you can't eat spinach or broccoli your iron is to high..Fuck USADA Phone Post 3.0

Agreed OP Phone Post 3.0

Next you can't drink muscle milk or take creatine.. This has to be my most disappointing thing that has ever happened as a fan! I'm heartbroken I wanted to see this fight in the worst way! Phone Post 3.0

Fuck USADA, and fuck the UFC for doing all this to pander to GSP, one of the biggest cyclers in history. Phone Post 3.0

If he got pinched for deca, hgh, winstrol or something like that I'd say what the fuck.. But this is just retarded! Phone Post 3.0

I think this can dispel if not all but a good majority of the tin foil hat cover up rumors for some time. This pretty much proves that the USADA is running the show considering it literally shut it down 3 days ahead of it.

I fucking hope it is a serious warning to all other athletes thinking of fucking around that the sport really is being cleaned up.

I think the level/type of training is going to have to be much different moving forward.

The test was done June 16 and all of a sudden the results come out! FUCK YOU USADA!!! Dirty motherfuckers! Phone Post 3.0

Kudos to Op for looking at the big picture.

Kudos to UFC for finally cleaning up the sport with bringing USADA in.


However we must remember UFC JUST got these new drug testing procedures in and we as the fans have to suffer "growing pains".

Just like non championship main event fights how they used to be 3rds, eventually close fights that were big and important were made for 5 rounds, despite not being for a championship.

Well with this new drug testing, it's working in terms of keeping fighters honest and weeding out the ones who are abusing the system or not being careful enough.  

However where it needs improvement, is when the results come in.  This news coming 2 days before arguably the biggest event Ever for UFC, and it completely eliminating the main event, is something the promotion suffers, the fans suffers, and worst of all a man who has been training his ass off hoping to get a significant payday for him, his family, and his team.  

The system needs to be changed to keep fighters honest, but not punish the paying fans and honest fighters by pulling the carpet out from underneath them b/c, "hey, 2 days before your payday fight we have to pull it b/c not you, your opponent did something shady".

KJ! - When do we find out what it was? Phone Post 3.0
It won't come out officially unless Jon says it, because of HIPAA laws. Phone Post 3.0

mikesepejr - The test was done June 16 and all of a sudden the results come out! FUCK YOU USADA!!! Dirty motherfuckers! Phone Post 3.0
My God, a whole two and a half weeks. Settle down Francis. Phone Post 3.0