Apple males false claims?

I support the G5 being a great computer as well, but the article that I am posting has been in slashdot.

UK has BANNED the ads that Apple use to claim they are the fastest PC out there.

I thought it is?

Read further into the article

I know warez might rip me a new one for this ;)

But I'd like to see what you guys think about it.

Repeat after me.

If you believe a spec benchmark, then you deserved to get fooled by advertising. The only benchmark that matters is the program(s) that YOU run, with the compiler that YOU want, run on the machine as YOU would use it. This applies to ALL spec benchmarks, whether from Apple, Intel, IBM, HP, or AMD.

understandable on that asdf

The topic as discussed on slashdot on this matter is that England has a
very 'active' consumer protection policy on their tv commercials, and
thus Apple's claims as "The World's Fastest Computer" cannot be
presented in that form, and a lot of American commercials for that
matter would also be banned in England.

fin, I'd never rip on you bro. Just the few pestering trolls that go out of
their way to overcome their insecurities by saying "Apple sucks" I go
out of my way to put in their place. Boils down to if you've never used
it, you shouldn't be dogging it because it most definitely has its merits.

Its the right tool for the right job really. For general purpose office
use, I TELL my customers to stick with Microsoft. I'm not crazy enough
to tell a company to outfit their employees with Apple as its usually out
of their budget, and I wouldn't tell them to use Linux as the support
would be significant. Likewise, I will never suggested for any
organization to use Microsoft as a server.

For personal use, if you can afford Apple, go with Apple. Its just THAT
much better of an environment to use, and to deny that is like saying a
Chrysler NEON is better than a Lexus.

btw, asdf is correct.

Mac's are not PC's, well there slowly heading that way, but they are not PC's and cant claim to be the fastest

AMD 64 FX 51/52 is the fastest overall PC

to bad when apple made the claim it was only tested against Intel P4's and Xeon chips

stupid fucks

also they run code diff and based on to totally diff OS and Mac OS itself is based on UNIX


adsf knows his shit

PC stands for "Personal Computer" and Steve Jobs was one of the Schmos that invented the PC.

Macs are PCs, they just aren't Windows based PCs.

Just because they chose to later distance themselves from the term for marketing reason does not mean that they cannot come back to it.

And TTT for asdf's comments.

LOL @ People who really think Jobs is the next coming of Christ

Next coming of Christ he is not, but he most definitely is one of the
most charismatic CEO's in Silicon Valley.

dont get me wrong warez, i know he's good at what he does, its just when u got the Mac Nuts signing his glory its funny as hell

Next Mac update, u need Visa LOL

"Intel Pentium 4 spanks Apple Mac G5

Out of 77 benchmarks, X86 won 58

By INQUIRER staff: Friday 13 February 2004, 08:14

A LENGTHY REPORT on the capabilities of Intel-based versus Mac G5s has concluded that despite claims from Apple, the X86 is winning the benchmark battle."

IBM 90nm G5 chip to 'outrun' Prescott, Athlon 64

Go click on the G5 discussion thread if you're too lazy to cut and paste
the URL.