Apple's Engineering Director Quits CUZ Return To Office Policy

There’s a lot more to it but here is a decent article:

I think it is actually getting worse now. There are simply not many competitors so we are stuck with a big provider who charges whatever they want and leave us with unreliable internet service. The speed is not and really has never been an issue. It’s really the lack of consistent, reliable connection. That’s supposed to be a benefit of getting fiber, not a disadvantage.

No, now you send Bob a Teams or Jabber message, if people disappear it’s because of bad management.

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Exactly. Who needs a response inside of 20 minutes?
Sounds like they can’t plan ahead, have zero understanding of productivity or they are in an entry level position. There was a steady that showed for every interruption it took a person 20 minutes to refocus.

I worked with a guy 15 years ago, and every time an email would come through I would hear him walk down the hall, then he would poke his stupid bald head in and say did you see that email from so and so?
No, I’m working on something, I’ll check it later.
Welll blah blah blah.
Sorry I wasn’t listening I’m trying to get something done.
Eventually I just began shutting my door and when he would peak in I would pretend I was on the phone and wave him off.

Le Shat

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Can you run two providers simultaneously? Like ATT fiber and that starlink thing? Just for redundancy. ATT migjt start lagging but star link picks up the slack. Star link goes out but ATT is still going.

If this is possible I think I would do it if I had a good work from home job

You can and this use to be commonplace in workplace but having redundant internet connections is pretty rare now a days.

I couldn’t imagine doing it for a home internet setup.

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I don’t think your average 200k a year giy would do it, but if you had a million dollar job you better get one.

I live in a rural area and my internet isn’t reliable. I think I would have the best internet plus a back up phone data thing where I could zoom or send emails and shit in a pinch

I suppose you could but I don’t think it would be necessary. We couldn’t afford that either. If we don’t end up switching to Spectrum (the only other provider here) then I’m gonna call ATT and negotiate my plan back to a copper internet line for less money.

If that doesn’t work then I’ll save up and buy my own expensive router and configure it as best I can. I know that the in-home hardware is at least partially to blame because when I go Ethernet I have a stronger connection (although still problematic). Theoretically after I have the new router I would hardwire everything in the house and use a NAS setup. Using Ethernet for as much as possible the way an office does would be my goal.

Yeah what you’re thinking is just a high speed internet plan with perhaps a hot spot service in case your internet wasn’t working. The only problem there is those can be costly, especially anything with a high data cap. I also don’t know how those work with rural areas.

Hobbies provide all of these without the work bullshit. Zero reason to go to work besides money

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