Appreciate the Pros on this forum

Ladies and gents,

I think we are pretty lucky to have pro fighters on this forum.

Guys like Phil Baroni, Royce, Elvis, Tom Erikson, Rory Singer, Bravo, Tait, Din Thomas, and a host of other great fighters including the rest of the fighters from the TUF shows.

In addition we have great television personalities like Joe Rogan who come here and support this great sport.

These guys are willing to step into the octagon and risk thier lives and careers in that cage. You have to respect that.

I never fought a MMA match, but I did box in the amatuers and it takes guts to fight in front of a crowd. Won alot more than I lost, but realized that I didn't have the dedication to continue in boxing.

I am too old now to fight anybody, 44 years old and so old that when I fart, I fart dust. I am a Fedral Agent with 5 years to go before retirement.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all the green names out there for allowing the fans to talk to you here on the best MMA site in the world.



I think respect and appreciation goes both ways.

Eddies last thread wasnt exactly worthy of any respect from members of this board, it was childish attention seeking. Which seems to tbe the norm for a lot of characters here.

Guys like Rory, Erikson, Royce and Elvis etc dont need you to tell people to appreciate them. By respecting the fans and showing appreciation for their support these guys command a great deal of respect and are highly thought of.

Notice the smack talk is generally directed at a few people like Baroni and Eddie?

Word. It's cool being able to talk to the guys on a regular basis. No other sport is like this one.

Larry, do you like gladiator movies?


Sorry you think I am a suck-up? Because I think we should appreciate the fighters? A suck-up wants something in return for his actions.

I don't want anything from anybody on this forum. I have a wife and 4 kids,a good job and good life.

I just appreciate a good fight and good fighters. Not keyboard fighters, real fighters.

In order for this sport to continue on its rise, we need a strong fan-base.

I just want this sport to grow as much as it can. I studied a shit load of different martial arts in my life and always knew that alot of what was taught, would not work in the street. I remember going to an aikido class and watching the head instructor doing a move that looked like a disco dance and when his opponent went the wrong way, he stopped his move and they started the dance all over again. I was watching this and thinking to myself how easy it would have been to knock the guy out with one good punch.

In High School, I fought a black belt in tae kwon do in an exbibition match against a boxer, and I will never forget the guy's face when I first hit him. He was shocked that his blocks didn't work.

Not knocking TKD or any other stlye, but the bottom line is that figherts are much better today.

Today's MMA fighters bring the whole game. Its not just ground fighting, wrestling, boxing, muy thai, etc...

You need to bring a little of everything to win.


wipes eyes

Thank you.

: )

ttt for the pros :)`

The UG appreciates you as well Larry

Thanks Guys!