Appreciation for the old guys

Show off your old-time boxing trivia here.

Fitzsimmons fought Jeffries with loaded gloves. He carved up Jeffries' face, wedging his lips between his teeth. Jeffries had his corner CUT HIS LIPS APART with a knife, then rushed Fitzsimmons and crushed him.

Jack Johnson was an amazing defensive fighter. When he was old, retired and fat, he could still sit in a chair and still dodge punches from volunteers from the audience.

One of Jack Johnson's favourite defensive moves was to punch the bicep / portruding elbow nub of his oppenent as they opened up on him.

This thead is ging to backfire on me if it turns out I've misremembered all these obscure factoids.

I think my lip-cutting trivia might have been for Jeffries/Choynski, actually.

When I read the thread title, I figured it to be a thread of gratitiude for Martin's contributions to this forum. Oh well.