Appropriate SnG per your bankroll?

Is there a general rule for what cash amount you should play according to your bankroll size?

For a good recreational player 35-40 buyins should give you enough of a bankroll to survive all but the worst bad streaks. I think my biggest downswing so far is about 25 buyins.

For a pro playing high limit I remember reading on 2+2 that they reccommend 80-100 buyins.

I keep about 75-80 buyins in my account, but I have plenty more in reserve.

I find 20 buyins to be fine for me.


Kikenyoy, does that 25 game downswing mean you won no money in 25 SNG's?

That would be hard to bounce back from.

No, my longest stretch without cashing is 12. What I meant was when I was playing $55 sng's my biggest loss was about $1375* over a few days.

*I reviewed my records and it was actually about 30 buyins, so around $1650.

I have never even bothered to look at a $55 table. I'm a $10+1 kinda guy.

Thanks though.

hmm maybe i should reconsider after taking a 20 buyin downswing at $33

fortunately im still making money at $22

I have won 6 in a row and gone 55 with out a first, crazy streaks can happen

I just had my worst streak yesterday...0-14 to start the day followed by 7 out of 8 in the money to break about even for the day. Probably the most stressful $98 loss in my life.

i've won 4 straight, gone about 20 buy ins with no In The Money twice, both of which i have recovered from.

some times you just can't win.

I finally just broke outta my bad streak.

I hadn't come first in a game in 20 games. This is compounded by the fact that i only play live home games, so that 20 games was probalby 3 months worth of games :)

Feels like you are doing worse than you are when you only play 1 or 2 games a week.

Oh well it feels good to get that bankroll back up

Oh ya, i wanna give some props to Harrington on Holdem.

I purchased that book to some peoples recommendation, and read about half so far.

Ended up winning my first home tourney after reading some of the book.

I can't give THAT much credit to the book though because i had to win a coin flip at one point. But i do think the book tightened me up a bit.