April 30th, Amazon Prime - "Without Remorse"

That’s the way The Descent is. It was a pretty good movie but it was a terrible adaptation. The only thing that the book and the movie have in common is people fighting with creatures under ground.

The guy who plays the secretary of defence is a good actor. Shit scripts make good actors look shit (see the star wars prequels).

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Finished it but wanted to turn it off about halfway through and every 10 minutes after.

Awful acting and a bad script.

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Just awful and I like Jordan.

Jodi Turner-Smith is more model than actor IMO. She’s fucking gorgeous but she wears a shaved head a lot that IMO doesn’t do her justice

I think they were looking to cast a pretty face and it was lost on a lot of people.

Agree with you, she was miscast anyway you slice it though.

Jodie Turner-Smith

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wrong thread

Basically same thing that was done with the Jack Ryan series of movies. Between being shown out of order and with a rotating cast of characters they eventually went down a path that has nothing to do with anything Clancy ever wrote. Haven’t watched the series but assume it’s also in its own world.

As for “Without Remorse” (novel), I enjoyed it well enough but also couldn’t get past the fact that if you ever read a Mack Bolan Executioner book or even a Punisher comic book you already knew that story. It was the beginning of the slide in Clancy’s writing IMO. “Rainbow Six” was an interesting idea purely executed. Either the writing or editing sucked.

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She is in the pilot of Mad Dogs, does a full nude sex scene. I thought she was petty hot.

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I meant to say poorly executed. A female character in the story has 3 different ages at different parts of the book. At one point a terrorist calls one of his comrades by his real name over the radio, so you think it’s a clue that will help bring them down, but it’s never mentioned again. And certain phrases are repeated over and over, the most memorable one being that “… did this as automatically as zipping his pants…” Also, it got a little tedious that there were two teams, but the one led by Chavez just always happened to be on call when any shit went down.

This. Nothing about it was particularly good. Even the action felt flat. The fight scenes were slow. The scene that bugged me the most was when MBJ gets shot in his house after his wife is killed and he’s laying there like “omfg I cant move! My gun is 1 foot away from me but I cant move even though this other guy is about to shoot me in the fucking face!” Then the last bad guy takes off and suddenly MBJ is able to crawl all the way down the hallway. Just retarded.

The whole movie was bad from start to finish. It felt more like a straight to dvd movie.

Honestly MBJ doesn’t bother me too much. As far as the movie, I fm give it 6.5 out of 10

Just watched it. She is.

Is the series worth a watch?

There was a peak?