April 5th ShoXC Poster (pic)

Hey everyone!  Here's the poster & fight card for April 5th's ShoXC event!

Jared Hamman vs.Po'ai Suganuma

Fabricio Camoes vs. Joe Camacho

Shayna Baszler vs. Keiko "Tama Chan" Tamai

Matt Lucas vs. Giva Santana

Wilson Reis vs. Doug Evans

Amedo Viola vs. Carl Seumanutafa

Yasser Pezzat vs. Luke Riddering

Telly Sanders vs. Roberto Vargas

Jaime Iracheta vs. Brent Cooper

Melanie Lacroix vs. KC Noland

You aren't putting that on TV are you?

lots of solid up & comers.  Only the top 5 fights (or so) will be televised on the ShoXC broadcast.

Jared Hamman vs.Poai Suganuma should be sick.  The undefeated Hamman looked like a beast in his ShoXC debut against Rosa.   Poai is a versatile 8-1 fighter with that Hawaii toughness.

Comacho is on a nice winning streak (hasn’t lost since the summer of 2006) & is the current King of the Cage lightweight Champ.

Also some more development of women's MMA with Baszler vs. Tamai.

ShoXC's help paint a forward-looking picture.  Should be a fun card.

Hammon will win. The guy is awesome.

i like the whole "Challenger Series". Make dudes earn the big show.

It's like TUF but without all the pissing and smashed doors.

Po'ai Suganuma is the REAL DEAL. If you guys don't know about him, tune in and see a guy who is about a fight or two away from being a top LHW.

Po'ai was a star at Pancrase and now he's back training with BJ in Hilo.

Po'ai and Jeremy Williams will likely fight for the Icon LHW title in a few months. He's got to get by Hamman first, who is very tough.

"ShoXC's help paint a forward-looking picture. Should be a fun card."

Fun? That card is the the equivalent of a MLB fan watching the local drunks play softball.

look out for Giva!!!

Will be a great fight. Both Hamman and Po'ai are talented.

Giva vs Matt Lucas both undefeated!! gonna be a great war, lucas is a 2x all american wrestler, and givas ground game is very slick!!

"I have to slightly question the hardcore fan status of anybody who doesn't know the story of Luke Riddering..."

I heard he scored 4tds in one game in highschool.

TTT for fighters climbing up the ladder!!!

Any one know what the purse looked like for the fighters that fought last weekend on the Strikeforce/ Elite XC show?

Wilson Reis is going to get another impressive victory...

good opportunity for me to learn about new fighters, since I don't know any of those guys. Looking forward to it

Wilson Reis has sick BJJ and this will be his toughest fight yet...I think he pulls a win out of it.

Excellent. Thanks for stopping in.

ttt for Poai!

Wilson Reis has sick jiu-jitsu. Hope he keeps winning in MMA

the ladies bout between Baszler and Tama Chan will be top-shelf, lots of good up-and-comers on here, great job, ProElite.