April 9 update...

Can you believe how fast this year is going by?
Man, just the other day it seemed like it was

Well, here's the news:

1. I will be heading to Lyndonville, Vermont for a
two day BJJ seminar, as well as a series of private
lessons on Thursday, April 15. I will return the
following week.

2. I have pretty much finished the renovation at the
academy. I will finish up everything on Monday
afternoon, April 12. With a fresh coat of paint, a new
bathroom, cleaned carpets and some new sites
and sounds, our new academy is lookin' good!

3. Another punk decided to hack into
RoyHarris.com. This time he hacked into the
Harris International Forums, several times. I have
a friend who works at the United States Secret
Service and specializes in this kind of computer
activity. He has offered to help find the person
responsible. I do hope to find this individual.

4. On April 29, I will be leaving for a BJJ seminar
series and private lesson series in Frankfurt,

5. I am steadily working on a ton of new content for
RoyHarris.com. No date yet for its arrival. However,
I will let you know when I get close to finishing it!

6. Recently, I hired a personal assistant and
cleaner for the academy. Both people are working
out great!

7. All recent video orders have been shipped.

8. To date, I have shipped 90 copies of "The
Purpose Driven Life." Another eight copies will go
out this week. I have ordered an additional twenty
for the recent requests. Additionally, I have heard
from a number people who have read them. They
are all writing about the positive impact this book
as had on their lives! I am glad I could be a part of
the positive impact they experienced in their lives!

Well, that's about it for now ! )

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris