April, May, June,schedule swamped!

April, May, and June extremely busy for Chris and the NG Fight Team.

April 23rd, 24th, and 25th,
Chris will be teaching a seminar in Bristol Tennessee for and old friend from the Gracie Academy.

May 1st,
The THQ World Supercross Finals in Las Vegas Nevada.

May 1st,
Hitman in Havasu! NG 909's own Josh Hinger will be appearing for his second time in the Octagon to show his skills and bring home another win.

May 8th,
Jenn Brennan's B-Day

May 9th, Mothers Day (DO NOT FORGET THIS ONE)

May will also be the Launching date for NOGI Industries and www.nogiindustries.com

May 22nd,
PXC in Guam. Buck Greer will take on Team Miletich's Tony Fryklund in what should be an amazing fight. Tony is a UFC Veteran and we are hoping this is the fight to send Buck in to the following Pride Bushido.

Adam Lynn will also be fighting on the card with his opponent TBA. Adam is expected to whooa the crowd of 5000 once again. Both these TOP NG fighters should be seeing the inside of the Pride Bushido ring before 2004s end.

May 23rd,
Pride Bushido 3! Not sure if Chris is fighting yet but May 23rd is the date if he is.

May 28th, 29th, and 30th
Chris will be teaching a seminar in Kelowna Canada for another old friend Jason Darrah.

June 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th,
Chris will be running another seminar in Liverpool England. Paul Rimmer and Jason Tan have been dramatically improving by constantly bringing Chris over to the UK, or by coming to the US themselves. They are the head instructors of The Next Generation Liverpool (England's only Next Generation).

Chris will also be headed up to Russ "The Submission Magician" Miura's old stomping grounds for a seminar in Fresno but that date has yet to be set.

Keep checking back to www.chrisbrennan.com for more info and news on all the happenings of The NG Fight Team and NOGI Industries.

Good luck to all the fighters in these next few months and as always...TRAIN HARD!!!