April update...


How ya doing? Can you believe it's already April?

Here are the updates for April:

1. The Harris Academy will be closed Monday
through Friday, April 5-9, 2004 for remodeling.
Please spread the word around so that everybody
knows. If you have questions, please e-mail Mr.
Harris at pfs@sprintmail.com

2. There are a few new instructor courses

The first JKD/FMA Level One Instructor course in
September of 2004.

The second JKD/FMA Level One Instructor course
in February of 2005.

The first JKD/FMA Level Two Instructor course in
June of 2005.

More info coming soon about these.

3. There is currently a DVD sale on RoyHarris.com
through Sunday, April 4.

4. There is a new class schedule:

Tuesdays - 6pm Kali class, 7pm BJJ no gi class
and the 8pm BJJ gi class now taught by Mr. Roy

Wednesdays - 6pm Guard Passing class, 7pm
Wrestling class taught by Mr. Luke Pomerantz and
the 8pm Half guard class taught by Mr. Jeff

Everything else is the same!

5. Congratulations to the following people: Dan
Swift of Erie, PA and Mike Rooney of Erie, PA.

Dan tested for his purple belt at the BJJ seminar
in Erie just last weekend. Mike Rooney took the
blue belt examingation and passed with flying
colors! Help me congratulate both of these

6. Here is the April and May 2004 seminar

April 3-4 Privates and semi-privates in Northern,

April 17-18 A BJJ seminar in Lyndonville, VT.

April25 A collar choke seminar in San diego, CA at
the Harris Academy.

May 1-10 A BJJ/JKD/FMA seminar series in
Obertshausen, Germany.

May23 An intermediate level guard passing
seminar at the Harris Academy.

May29-30 A BJJ seminar in Calgary, Alberta,

7. The new Harris Academy t-shirts will be
available next week.

8. I am almost finished with the additional content
for BJJ 201. (Plus, the additional footage for BJJ
101 is back up on the site.

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris

Mr. Harris,

I am looking forward to hearing more about the JKD/FMA instructor course (when you have time, of course).

I am also curious: Since training in Kalis Ilustrisimo has changed your personal approach to FMA, has it also changed the progression you teach and manner in which you present foundational skills for FMA?



The JKD/FMA instructor course will cover the JKD
and Filipino Martial Arts material I was personally
taught by Sifus Rick Faye, Dan Inosanto, Salem
Assli and Paul Vunak. The course will also include
some of my own personal discoveries (e.g. my
own trapping structure for boxing and kickboxing,
my own methods of entry, my own methods of
feints, etc..)

The FMA I was taught was a mix of various styles. It
is this material that will be taught at the instructor's
course, not Kalis Ilustrisimo.

Kalis Ilustrisimo is a sword based art, everything
begins with the sword. To gain the most benefit out
of beginning training, a student must begin with
sword training.

Since I am only at the beginning level of
instructorship and since I have promised my
instructors in the Philippines that I will not change,
modify or add to what I have been taught (with
respect to the sword), Kalis Ilustrisimo (as an art)
will not be taught at the instructor's course.

Right now, I am only beginning to learn how to
teach Kalis Ilustrisimo. I have a long way to go. So,
I am only teaching it to a select group of students
here in San Diego. As I teach it to them, I am
learning more about the art and myself. To make
sure I am not changing any of the sword work, I
maintain contact with my instructors in the PI. I ask
them questions and send them videos of my
teaching and my training. This way, they can
correct me if I begin to error.

Kalis Ilustrisimo has changed the way I view
footwork, distancing and bladework. However, I still
teach the FMA I was taught by Inosanto, Faye and
Vunak. I have not discarded it.

Good training to you,

Roy Harris

Thanks, that answers my question and more! :-)

I'm really looking forward to attending one of those courses!



Just like I organized the BJJ material that was
presented to me, I also organized the JKD/FMA
material that was presented to me. The courses
will be divided into segments:

Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Level Five
Level Six

Each segment will focus on a couple of different
areas within JKD/FMA. This will allow me to
organize the information in the student's mind and
allow him or her to present JKD/FMA in a
progressive structure. Once the structure has been
understood and attained, it can be discarded.

Roy Harris

6 levels, wow! That will definitely keep me busy! Won't Hope be happy to hear that! :-)


PS - I took it as a given that you have developed a sensible progression and comprehensive organizational structure for the training methods. I really can't picture you just "throwing some info out there" without some serious planning.

From my point of view, it is difficult to progress
without structure. It is very difficult to know where
you are and where you need to go without a road

This is something I think some people miss,
especially those who go from style to style,
collecting technique after technique.

I have made the effort to organize JKD and FMA so
that my instructors will be able to give their
students both a panoramic view and a close up,
microscopic view of the JKD/FMA training

Roy Harris

Hello Mr. Harris,

Is a Level One Instructor considered an apprentice instructor and is a Level Six Instructor a Full Instructor? If not, can you please give a break down of the levels. Also, are there any prerequisites for attending the course? Thanks.

Mr. Harris,

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you if you will be coming out with a JKD/Kali instructional anytime soon? Thanks again.


A Level One Instructor is a "level one instructor." I
am no longer using the terms apprentice, phase
one and full.

I am not sure how the association names will
progress. I guess we will cross that bridge when
we come to it.

This new instructor's course is different from all
others. I am choosing to use different terminology
to separate myself from most of the others. My
JKD/FMA association will be different from the rest.
For starters, there will be an instructor's course,
just like my current grappling association.

Second, there will be a progression in training
(rather than just a conglomeration and collection of
techniques), just like my current grappling

Third, there will be continued and follow up training
that progresses through the different levels, just
like my current grappling association. This follow
up training will be in the form of private and
semi-private lessons, quarterly video update, an
instructional CD-ROM and a few other surprises.

Fourth, my instructors will establish a community
of practitioners who want to learn, share and grow,
just like my current grappling association.

Fifth, I will not allow bad or silly politics to play ANY
role in the association, just like my current
grappling association.

Sixth, there will be an instructor's only forum on the
Harris International Forums, just like my current
grappling association. This instructor's only forum
will allow my instructors to have access to me so
that they can ask questions and have those
questions answered by video, just like my current
grappling association.

Do you see how this association will be different
from the others?

So much of the new JKD/FMA association will be
run like my current grappling association. Since I
began my association in 1999, I have certified
about 100 people. Those who remain are those
who have demonstrated the character I was
looking for in an instructor. Those who are no
longer a part of the association either wrote to me
and told me they could not longer keep the
standards I require, or, I simply asked some to
make a choice: Do what I ask of you (simple
requests) or go your own way!

At this present point in time, my grappling
association shines above all others! As a result of
all of the hard work that all of us have put into the
association, we now have some unique benefits
that demonstrate our commitment to each other.
For example, right now, any instructor within the
association can travel to the following places, stay
at another instructor's home and train at the other
instructor's school for free:

1. California.

2. Vermont.

3. Maine.

4. Connecticut.

5. Georgia.

6. Florida.

7. Sweden.

8. Germany.

9. Baja California,Mexico.

I have tried to set a standard for a grappling
community. Many of my instructors are following
suit. I plan to try and accomplish the same thing
within my JKD/FMA community. It took me five
years to make a family with my grappling
association. I hope to do the same with my
JKD/FMA community.

I am proud of my grappling community and all that
they have accomplished. I do hope to bring much
of the same positivity over to the JKD/FMA

Regarding a JKD/FMA instructional, I do have
plans. But right now, I have way too many things on
my plate. I am trying to catch up on all the things I
have promised in the past. One day though.....

Good training to you,

Roy Harris


Hello Mr. Harris,

Thank you for the reply. The JKD/Kali program seems very organized. Just a few more questions regarding the program. Will the attendees of the program be given a manual or video of what they have learned over the period of the 5 days? What can someone (whom is interested in attending the course) prepare themselves for the intensive 5 days? And finally, is the curriculum outline for your apprentice program (which you longer offer) the same curriculum that will be taught at the Level 1 instructors program? Thank you.

In the past Mr. Harris has held a weekend intensive course that prepares you for what you will learn in the apprentice course. There is still info about this at www.royharris.com in the section on Associations.

I'm not sure if any of that has changed with the switch to "Level 1" etc. I don't think it has, but I too am curious for an official answer.




You asked, "Will the attendees of the program be
given a manual or video of what they have learned
over the period of the 5 days?"

I am undecided on this. Obviously, I won't be giving
out a manual because I simply have not had time
to write one. However, I have considered offering a
DVD. My only reason for hesitating is all the
copying that will occur. I can't tell you how much my
grappling instructor's manual has been copied!

You also asked, "What can someone (whom is
interested in attending the course) prepare
themselves for the intensive 5 days?"

To begin with, I would highly recommend running,
sprinting and footwork drills. You will need some
endurance to finish the course. You will also need
a good pair of socks and some good cross
training shoes. Because of all the footwork you will
be doing, you will want to prevent blisters!

You also asked, "Is the curriculum outline for your
apprentice program (which you longer offer) the
same curriculum that will be taught at the Level 1
instructors program?"

No. The two programs are different.

Roy Harris


Hello Mr. Harris,

Once again, thank you for the replies to my many questions. I hope others (especially twinkletoesCT) are finding my questions regarding your JKD/Kali program helpful. Just a few more questions, I promise. Since the apprentice and the level 1 programs are different, will you be posting the curriculum outline for the level 1 program on your website before the program starts? If not, can you give us an idea of what will be taught? Thank you and have a great week.

Yes, I will post a course outline before the date of
the course.

Roy Harris


It sounds like you are just as excited about this course as I am!


Thanks Mr. Harris. I'll be looking forward for the post.

Chris, I am excited. Time to save up my vacation hours, some money, and build up my endurance so I can attend the course. Hopefully nothing comes up and I'll see you there. Take care, Mark.