Aqua Blast boxing bag for pools

Anyone here have one of these? Worth it? I workout in the pool daily in regards to boxing as it helps greatly with adding some resistance. Was going to pick this up and wanted to see if anyone here has one and what your thoughts are.

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Goddamnit, that looks fun.

And it’s probably real easy on the joints too, no?

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It looks fun for sure and something I would use as I am in the pool every single day I can until it gets too cold.

Pool Chilling GIF by GIPHY CAM
Do they come in smaller sizes?


I’m not a pool guy, but if I had one of those I might be!

I dunno. I can’t really see it being much of a ‘boxing workout’. Seems kinda lame to me unless you need a lot of practice throwing slow ass chest level punches.

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I shadow box in the pool 2x a day as it is. This simply gives me a target. The added resistance of the water help with your speed in general.

So first impression on first use is positive. I got an actual workout and it is a lot of fun.

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