AR-15 copies..who's the best?

I'm thinking about getting an AR, but i'm confused about which manufacturer to get one from. I know Colt is probably the best, but i'm hoping to save a few bucks.

What about the bushmaster line or the DPMS products?

Any onfo is appreciated guys!

There are numerous AR manufatcors out there right now. Colt is going to cost you the most and honestly, they aren't worth it. You can get just as good quality from Rock River Arms, Bushmaster, and Olympic Arms. Olympic Arms tends to be the lowest price of those 3 and also features a lifetime warranty.

Dude goto read the reviews and the forums.

1)Do your research
2)Get a chrome lined barrell.
3)You get what you pay for.
4)Do your research

For me I love the Colt-CAR15 SP1 with a Beeman SS2 scope.



thanks steyr, I didn't know there was such a forum.

I'm on it now!

I take the info from with a grain of salt. Pretty good site, but talk about a bunch of anal "techheads".